Tranquility returns to Oceanco for an extensive refit


This March, Oceanco became the first superyacht builder to announce the launch of a series of non-fungible tokens, branded Superyacht NFTs, during the Dubai International Boat Show. Designed by Timur Bozca of Bozca Limitless Design, the Superyacht NFTs collection blends real design and top names in yachting with benefits – or ‘utilities’ – for NFT holders.

“It’s important to us as a company that Oceanco pushes the industry’s boundaries and that we challenge ourselves to continuously grow,” comments Paris Baloumis, Marketing Director. “The world is changing, and we believe that the transition to Web3 will touch every part of our lives in some way. Which is why we were motivated to jump in sooner rather than later and be a frontrunner in the industry’s evolution. NFTs felt like a natural progression and we wanted to make sure what we offered would be unique and exciting – to make the exclusive more inclusive. Which is why we are putting enjoyment and engagement at the heart of Superyacht NFTs.”


The collection has been created around the philosophy that yachting is about fun and experiences, with specially selected partners like core utility provider Pelorus delivering next-level benefits to holders. Pelorus utilities may include discounted rates on yacht charter, private island hire or accommodation bookings, complimentary planning meetings with its founders, access to a number of scientific research or conservation projects, and discounted photography experiences with award-winning photographers and documentarians while on holiday, as well as access to exclusive events across the globe.

The Superyacht NFTs feature a range of backgrounds, colors and special features that can offer the holder access to different utilities, alongside factors like the number of NFTs held and for how long. Partnering with prominent names in the crypto space like Casperlabs, Dgallery and Megalodon, holders of Superyacht NFTs will feel assured that these are one new breed of NFT that they will want to keep in their wallets.


“We sat down with Timur to learn about how he let his creativity loose to launch Superyacht NFTs into this new digital realm with Oceanco.”

How would you describe Superyacht NFTs?

Superyacht NFTs are art pieces that have been created by merging real yacht design, executed to the finest detail, with funky digital environments.

What inspired you for the collection?

We were inspired by the things we encounter in our daily lives from nature, art, technology and architecture to graffiti, vehicle design and fashion.

How did you go about deciding on the different elements that would be included?

One of the most fun phases of creating this collection was exploring and applying things that couldn’t be found on a real-life yacht, like a space rocket or private jet – even a leopard or zebra covering. We carefully studied everything around us and then tested out various options on the yacht designs; each element in which we found the right harmony was awarded a place in our extraordinary NFT pieces. Additionally, we wanted to show that our yachts could go anywhere, so we blended well known yachting destinations, capital cities, natural settings and futuristic background designs with our unique featured yachts.

What attracts you to designing in the NFT world that is different to the experience of designing yachts for the real world?

The world of NFTs makes the impossible possible. For a designer, this means wandering through your imagination without any limits, so it’s a great opportunity to push your boundaries.


“They may seem similar at first glance but real and virtual yachting are completely different concepts”

At first glance, the idea of virtual yachting could be seen as at odds with the very physical experience of spending time on a superyacht. Do you see it as opposing, or something that is complementary to physical yachting?

They may seem similar at first glance but real and virtual yachting are completely different concepts, so the experience of the two is incomparable. I see virtual yachting as a complementary element to real yachting.

Do you have an interest in designing complete virtual yachts that can be experienced and used through VR and other virtual experiences?

We are already working on VR technology, in fact. One advantage is that it could allow potential owners to experience their future yachts in a virtual environment before construction begins, to help clarify their decisions and make adjustments to design accordingly. Which is what makes it such a useful technology for yacht design and building.

Superyachts are the epitome of luxury. How can you convey that ‘luxury’ experience with something that is virtual?

In my opinion, luxury is not a physical material, it is a pleasurable experience. Of course, we cannot have a real yacht experience in a virtual environment, but we can enjoy a preview of it.

Could any of the Superyacht NFTs actually be built by Oceanco in real life?

We created the NFT collection based on the Esquel concept, which was designed by Bozca Limitless Design for Oceanco. All the technical details of Esquel are designed to go into production, so the Superyacht NFTs can be built if desired, albeit with some practical modifications for the more outlandish features like space rockets.

Are you considering taking payment for your design work in crypto in the future?

I think crypto is our inevitable future, so why not. We have to keep up with the situation we find ourselves in.

What has been your favorite part of the project so far?

The whole project was a new experience and a lot of fun. I enjoyed each stage of the process, so it is very hard to choose one above the others. The events were definitely a highlight. It is great to engage with the crypto community and see how the projects is embraced by all the influencers.

Will there be more Superyacht NFT collections in the future, do you think?

We will definitely not stop pioneering…


What’s an NFT?
NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, use cryptocurrencies’ blockchains to sell original versions of digital artefacts. They can be an image, a video clip or something else. Because they have a unique digital footprint on a blockchain, they cannot be replicated and can sometimes be used as a way to grant special access or benefits to the holder of the NFT. In the case of Superyacht NFTs, they are anchored on the Ethereum blockchain and Casper Network.


What are Oceanco’s Superyacht NFTs?
With Esquel as a base, each NFT will display a unique combination of design elements, themes and settings, including some rare features to make them even more desirable. The central driver of the Superyacht NFTs strategy is experience and engagement – both in real life and virtually – beyond owning the art piece itself.


Will there be other benefits to owning a Superyacht NFT?
There will, yes. These will include the opportunity to win invitations to special events hosted by Oceanco and our partners, as well as discounts and offers from a curated network of luxury yachting and lifestyle partners.


Is it possible to build a Superyacht NFT design in real life?
Esquel was designed as a completely viable concept – as with all the Tomorrow’s Designs yachts that Oceanco creates. So with Esquel as a basis for each Superyacht NFT design, in theory you could commission the original design to be built and – depending on your particular NFT – integrate the novel elements onboard that are feasible.


Will any of the proceeds be going to charity?
Yes, a portion of the profits from the Superyacht NFTs project will be donated to charities that have a close link to the protection of the oceans.


How can you acquire a Superyacht NFT?
Visit to learn more about the collection, browse NFTs for sale and acquire – or ‘mint’ – your unique Superyacht NFT with various payment options.


Bozca Limitless Design
Bozca Limitless Design is an award-winning transportation design company. The studio is focused towards creating new trends in architecture, yacht, aviation and automotive design. The vision is to create solutions through design by considering human factors, technology and aesthetics. The company believes in creating a bespoke product not only for tomorrow, but also for the day after.


Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel and yachting company. It designs tailor-made travel, yacht charters and experiences in extraordinary places across the globe that seek to transform our perspective. The company endeavors to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using its global network of contacts, exclusive access, innovative team and extensive research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus takes a new approach to the travel and yachting sectors, delivering boundary-pushing ideas for the new era of discovery.


Dgallery falls under the Dgallery brand and is a digital NFT shop offering technical capabilities to launch NFTs through its platform. Casper Blockchain offers Dgallery a trusted blockchain for enterprise grade requirements and upgradeable infrastructure that powers Dgallery’s innovation. Dgallery will list and mint NFTs on the Casper Blockchain, integrate wallets and create experiences that are a marketeer’s dream.


CasperLabs, a leading blockchain company for the enterprise market, is reimagining blockchain for enterprise with a futureproof solution. The company also provides support for organizations building on the Casper Blockchain. Guided by open-source principles, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications.


Megalodon is a boutique management consultancy firm. The firm is specialized in consultancy services focusing on fintech, including payment systems, digital assets, NFTs and (digital) securities.

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