Tranquility returns to Oceanco for an extensive refit

Future Thinking

What if bold questions offer new answers?

You could say that delivering industry firsts is Oceanco’s calling card. Since our inception, we have been privileged to collaborate with nonconformist owners and similarly ambitious partners and co-makers, challenging the status quo through our boundary-pushing yachts.

By asking bold questions we can find new answers, and in doing so create next-generation superyachts. Our fleet is testament to this approach, with trend-setting projects such as Alfa Nero, Tranquility, AQuiJo, Black Pearl and Bravo Eugenia exemplifying Oceanco’s ethos.

What if we search beyond yachting?

By connecting with leading minds from outside the yachting industry, we allow ourselves to discover a whole new world of possibilities. These collaborations offer fresh insights not only for Oceanco, but for the progress of yacht building as a whole. Oceanco NXT cannot be defined as a single project or concept design; it is an inclusive movement of pioneering thinkers striving to evolve our understanding of how we can connect with the spaces in which we live, travel and experience. Our collective goal is to build the most exciting superyachts possible, to achieve zero impact on the environment, and to create a better world for future generations.

What if we continue where others stop?

A key part of Oceanco’s identity is our drive to be an industry pioneer. We maintain our momentum of innovation through a combination of incremental steps and radical leaps, realized both internally at Oceanco and when working with co-maker partners. Our most radical innovations can be achieved thanks to bold and ambitious objectives, which we call ‘Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals’ or BHAGs, for short. A BHAG is clear and compelling, and the solution makes a palpable advancement in what we can achieve when building, maintaining or refitting a yacht.

There are three areas where we aim to lead a positive change. First, through digitalization, creating smart yachts, using artificial intelligence and through digital twin modeling. Second, by spearheading an energy transition for the industry, with exploration into alternative fuels, advanced battery systems and fuel cells. And third, by promoting the circular economy, through the selection or creation of new materials to be used on board, and aiming for zero waste production during the build process.

What if you can cross an ocean without the ‘f’ word?

Imagine crossing the Atlantic without using even a liter of fossil fuel. When an owner is an engineer himself, great ideas are bound to be born. In building the 106.7m Black Pearl, one of our major undertakings was to create the most eco-conscious superyacht possible. As the largest and most advanced sailing yacht in the world, she has a state-of-the-art DynaRig sailing system, a single-level engine room and a hybrid propulsion installation. But perhaps her most interesting innovation is the ability to regenerate power by fully utilizing her 2,877sqm sail area.

A revolutionary way to harness
the wind

Black Pearl’s hybrid propulsion installation has two shaft lines, each with a controllable pitch propeller. In normal sailing mode, the propellers are set to minimize drag and prevent the shafts from turning. But when we want to harvest some of that kinetic energy to be stored and used on board, the pitch of the propellers is altered to create a lifting force as the water passes over them. This rotates the shafts, which are connected to a permanent magnet electric propulsion motor (EPM), effectively converting the wind energy that is moving Black Pearl through the water into electrical energy.

With the system reaching its full potential, it is possible to achieve a fully-zero-emission transatlantic crossing where both propulsion and hotel services are powered by the wind alone. We are able to turn back the clock to a time when shipping was emission free, except now with all the comfort and luxury provided on board a modern superyacht.