Tranquility returns to Oceanco for an extensive refit


What if ‘different’
is in our

We don’t copy an icon.
We create a new one.

You expect outstanding quality, flawless craftsmanship and the ability to deliver what was promised; all this goes without saying. Working with trusted partners, Oceanco consistently delivers ground-breaking yachts that set new standards in design, efficiency, innovation, sustainability and technical achievement. Because vision enabling is our specialism, 24/7.

What if
your yacht evolves
with you?

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither should your yacht’s capabilities. From regular maintenance, to full-scale refits and lifetime extensions, we offer assurance that your yacht will uphold the highest quality standards, whether she is part of our fleet or new to us.

Life Cycle Support

Beyond new build projects, we are equally committed to working with operational yachts to ensure they stay at the top of their game. Whether your yacht was originally created by Oceanco or another builder, we will consider her – and you – a part of the family.

Think of Oceanco Life Cycle Support’s dedicated team as an extension of your onboard crew. From routine maintenance and refit planning to deployment of rapid response teams anytime, anywhere in the world, Oceanco Life Cycle Support has your back.

When it comes to complex upgrades, rebuilds and conversions, we relish the opportunity to bring existing vessels in line with modern standards in terms of technology, sustainability and physical design. Our ambition is to respect, preserve and renew existing yachts, giving them a new lease of life that is aligned not only with how we live today but how we will be living tomorrow.

What if our facilities are cutting edge too?

To build next-generation yachts, we need state-of-the-art facilities in line with our progressive approach to innovation and sustainability. Which is why Oceanco continues to invest in impactful green technology while also increasing capabilities at our eco-conscious facilities. We have the capacity to work on multiple yachts of up to 160m, whilst we are creating a yachting hub and brain park at our construction and refit site, which is set to become a key platform for efficiency and innovation.

Taking responsibility
for the future

We make it our business to be an industry leader in terms of sustainable development and driving positive change. Beyond building yachts that push boundaries in green technologies and efficiency, we have bold ambitions to more than halve our impact on the environment compared to the benchmark by 2030, aiming for 100% of our electricity usage to be supplied by renewable energy sources. By 2030, we intend to be 100% waste free or circular across the entire supply chain, through the conscious selection or creation of new materials to be used onboard.

Our brand is only as strong as our people, so we are committed to providing Oceanco’s employees and partners with a supportive and encouraging environment in which to flourish. And alongside championing various global initiatives that promote environmental stewardship and conservation, we want to foster a culture of collaborative innovation and learning that allows us to build a better future for our next generation.


At Oceanco, we take nothing for granted. We know that a mindset of partnership leads to better yachts for our clients. The Oceanco Co-maker Unlimited group is a cohort of 13 strategic partners that have a shared vision, mission, goals and values.

By aligning expertise and fostering a culture of collaboration between all those involved, our progressive approach results in the best possible yachts. Because only together can we set the future benchmarks for the entire industry and co-create the next generation of yachts.