Oceanco at the Dubai Boat Show 2024
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On the first day of the Dubai International Boat Show, Oceanco revealed more details on Simply Custom’s technical foundation. Simply Custom is devised to streamline the process of building a custom yacht while guaranteeing the company’s outstanding pedigree, created in response to the growing demand for a custom yacht building process that reflects owners’ shifting priorities and rapid pace of life.

Oceanco is renowned for the technical excellence of its yachts. That means going the extra mile in areas you might not see but you can certainly feel. Call it the yacht builder’s take on quiet luxury: The ultimate comfort of the onboard environment is its priority, banishing noise and distractions while allowing those onboard to recharge, be present and savor the moment.


From superior seakeeping and highly optimized hydrodynamics to dialing back noise and vibration, a Simply Custom technical package prioritizes your comfort and experience onboard.

While the yachts themselves are advanced and complex, executing simple fundamentals at the highest level, the Simply Custom approach allows you to focus on what matters to you most. See Simply Custom as an extremely sound, high-quality technical foundation, which is a canvas for designers to create an unique design, which are just starting points for a conversation.


For Simply Custom, Oceanco and its technical partner Lateral Naval Architects are committed to providing you with the absolute best seakeeping possible on an 80m yacht, delivering next-level comfort. Rigorous attention to detail and collaboration with leading suppliers, such as Quantum, result in performance that is optimized for the latest stabilization technology. Meaning you are able to focus on recharging, resetting and enjoying your time onboard.

Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO: “Oceanco is proud to be known for delivering exceptional comfort to those experiencing our yachts. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with leading partners in technology and engineering to guarantee this pedigree in every single yacht we build, including our Simply Custom offering.”


As with all Oceanco yachts, low levels of noise and vibration are central to Simply Custom. Every possible consideration is made to ensure absolute serenity in all guest areas. For example, a fully dry exhaust system places engine outlets away from guests, up in the mast rather than at the waterline, with integrated catalytic reactors and continuous diesel particulate filters for reduced emissions. Without distractions, you can finally focus on what matters to you most.

“Optimizing noise & vibration levels have been and will always be a priority in every stage of developing an Oceanco. From design, to engineering to construction, we always aim for the maximum comfort for owners, guests and crew. We design, calculate, check and test every aspect of the yacht to achieve the best possible result. Together with our partners, we utilize the latest available knowledge, techniques and equipment to keep pushing the boundaries with our Simply Custom, says Evy de Maeyer, Manager Research & Development.”


At the core of the Simply Custom technical foundation is an all-electric propulsion system with a DC electrical architecture. Variable speed generators drive azimuthing thrusters that deliver propulsion efficiency alongside best-of-class maneuverability. Together, this compact but powerful system allows effective, safe and reliable dynamic positioning, with high levels of redundancy. Meaning every Simply Custom yacht is engineered to operate in all conditions, including areas with anchoring restrictions.

Oceanco is always mindful of a yacht’s future and its impact, too. Variable-speed generators ensure maximum fuel efficiency, while an energy storage system room allows for the addition of batteries to enhance the power management system onboard. The Simply Custom technical foundation is fully compatible with alternative renewable diesel fuels such as HVO, allowing owners to reduce the yacht’s carbon emission by approximately 80–90% compared to using normal marine diesel.

And to complement the advanced propulsion system, Simply Custom’s technical foundation features the next generation hull design from over a decade of collaboration and refinement between Oceanco, Lateral, and MARIN.

James Roy, Managing Director Lateral, says: “In the engineering of any yacht at the leading edge of efficiency and comfort, there exists a delicate balance between the simplicity of desired outcomes and the often intricate efforts required to attain them. We strive to distill complexity into elegant simplicity, providing a foundation upon which our collaborative partners can deliver design innovation that truly sets a Simply Custom yacht apart.”


Length                                                85m – 87m

Gross tonnage                                   2,200 – 2,700gt

Top speed                                           16,5kn

Naval architecture                            Oceanco & Lateral

Technical partners                            Quantum & Marin


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Simply Custom Technical Foundation – Press Release

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A Trilogy of Sales by Superyacht Partners