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Oceanco donates jetskis to Ablasserdam water rescue team

On the 24 November 2023, Oceanco donated three jet skis to the Alblasserdam Water Rescue Team (Alblasserdamse Reddingsbrigade) on behalf of one of the owners of the Oceanco fleet. The jet skis will be used for training new team members, helping improve water safety in the local community. They will also be used in various demonstrations to promote the valuable work of the Alblasserdam Water Rescue Team.


“At Oceanco, we dedicate our professional lives to helping others spend more time on the water, so this is a cause that is particularly close to our hearts. We are pleased to be able to support such a valuable community resource, through the generosity of this donation from our client. With most members of Oceanco’s team living in and around Alblasserdam, we are particularly motivated to support our local emergency services. So much of our region is based on or near rivers and other waterways, therefore the Water Rescue Team is a vital part of our community,” comments Arie van Andel, Oceanco CTO.


“We are very humble to receive these jet skis from Oceanco. As Arie mentioned, we are living in a region which is surrounded by water, and more specifically located below sea level as well. Within the region such water rescue equipment is not yet present which stresses the importance of this donation even more. We are now able to not only perform preventive activities (such as educational and promotional activities) but also quick response rescue activities in case of an emergency. For this, we are very thankful to both Oceanco and the generous owner,” says Ruurt Visser, member of the Water Rescue Team.