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Oceanco Collaborating with CasperLabs and Dgallery to Launch its Superyacht NFTs Collection

Oceanco is extending its collaboration to CasperLabs, Dgallery and Megalodon to release its upcoming Superyacht NFTs collection on the Ethereum Blockchain and Casper Blockchain.

Oceanco announced today that it will be launching part of its Superyacht NFTs collection on the Casper Blockchain, to be sold via Dgallery and  The official signing ceremony took place during the Blockchain Hub Davos 2022 event, where Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Director of Oceanco, was joined by signatories from CasperLabs, Dgallery, Megalodon and Bozca Limitless Design.


A world-class builder of large custom superyachts, Oceanco is renowned for its ground-breaking vessels that set industry standards. Reinforcing its reputation as an industry pioneer, Oceanco is also the first superyacht builder to launch into the digital world with a series of NFTs.

Designed by Timur Bozca of Bozca Limitless Design, the collection of Superyacht NFTs blends real design and top names in yachting with utilities for NFT holders. The collection has been created with the philosophy that yachting is about fun and experiences. To further boost the experiential side of its utilities, Superyacht NFTs has selected travel and yachting expert Pelorus as one of its key utility partners.

“It has always been important to Oceanco that we push the boundaries of yachting in a positive direction. Which is why launching into a new digital realm with NFTs felt like a natural progression, and we are happy to be working with such excellent trusted partners on this journey,” commented Oceanco Chairman Dr. Barwani.

Together with CasperLabs, Dgallery, Megalodon and Bozca Limitless Design – Oceanco is offering a limited-edition collection on the Casper Blockchain, allowing Superyacht NFTs holders minting on Casper to be part of their own Superyacht NFTs while giving them access to virtual and real-life experiences (via e.g. airdrops).

“With our Superyacht NFTs collection, it has always been a priority to offer utilities that benefit holders of the NFTs. We have an inclusive outlook and are granting our community from around the world access to unique experiences, such as taking part in the design of your very own digital yacht NFT on the Casper Blockchain, which is a world first,” added Oceanco CEO Marcel Onkenhout.

“Casper provides the most secure, highly reliable and public infrastructure for minting, selling and trading NFTs,” said Cliff Sarkin, COO at CasperLabs. “Oceanco’s innovative approach with its NFT collection is a strong example of how companies are unlocking new value with blockchain technology.”


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About Bozca Limitless Design

Bozca Limitless Design is an award-winning transportation design company. The studio is focused towards creating new trends in architecture, yacht, aviation and automotive design. The vision is to create solutions through design by considering human factors, technology and aesthetics. The company believes in creating a bespoke product for tomorrow, but also for the day after. For more information, visit


About Pelorus

Pelorus is the ultimate experiential travel and yachting company. It designs tailor-made travel, yacht charters and experiences in extraordinary places across the globe that seek to transform our perspective. The company endeavours to meet clients’ wildest aspirations using its global network of contacts, exclusive access, innovative team and extensive research. In a time when genuine escape is hard to find, Pelorus takes a new approach to the travel and yachting sectors, delivering boundary-pushing ideas for the new era of discovery. For more information, visit


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Dgallery falls under the Dgallery brand and is a digital NFT shop offering technical capabilities to launch NFTs through its platform. Casper Blockchain offers Dgallery a trusted blockchain for enterprise grade requirements and upgradeable infrastructure that powers Dgallery’s innovation. Dgallery will list and mint NFTs on the Casper Blockchain, integrate wallets and create experiences that are a marketeer’s dream. For more information, visit:


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CasperLabs, a leading blockchain company for the enterprise market, is re-imagining blockchain for enterprise with a futureproof solution. The company also provides support for organizations building on the Casper Blockhain. Guided by open-source principles, CasperLabs is committed to supporting the next wave of blockchain adoption among businesses and providing developers with a reliable and secure framework to build private, public and hybrid blockchain applications. Its team possesses deep enterprise technology experience, hailing from organizations including Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox and Microsoft. To learn more, visit


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