Oceanco at the Dubai Boat Show 2024
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“Carinae is the name of a constellation that was once part of a larger one, named Argo Navis. In Greek mythology, Argo was a ship built with the help of the gods to retrieve the golden fleece, and Carinae represents its hull.”
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“Perhaps the most striking feature of Carinae is in fact the hull, which is dominant. We wanted to shy away from the typical deck stacking and styling exercise, therefore we decided to include the main deck in the hull. As a result, the stern is quite impressive, reminiscent of galleon de-signs of past eras. Further inspiration was drawn from the design of 1930s liners for the deck-house and funnels. Finally, the Oceanco Simply Custom technical foundation fit the design well, providing a lot of flexibility as far as in/out arrangement and living spaces.”
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“Through yacht design, I am driven to provide people with awe and excitement, and to push them to seek adventure. My work combines my greatest passions. Growing up, I spent most of my time at sea under the watchful eye of my father, who was the first Italian to cross the Atlantic Ocean, on a 7m sailboat, and competed in oceanic races like the first Whitbread Regatta. While water is my element, I was always intrigued by the technical challenges of Formula 1 designs and have also been an admirer of the architectural beauty of my childhood home, Italy. My professional fate was sealed once I crossed the Atlantic myself. The adventure was a catalyst for my drive to provide the vehicle to ultimate freedom, through yacht design.”
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“My technical background touches on naval architecture as well as mechanical engineering and yacht design. For the last two decades, I have had the great pleasure to oversee 19 yacht projects, ranging from 60m to 156m. In 2023, I formed Pascoli International, which is based in my long-time home of Monaco. To me, yacht design is about making a client’s vision a reality, tapping into technical and practical know-how as well as emotive insight. As a creative, it is our privilege to work with exceptionally smart clients and guide them along this journey. In my view, that special and unique relationship is built on a foundation of honesty and trust, alongside a healthy dose of enthusiasm, fun and energy.”
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