Oceanco at the Dubai Boat Show 2024
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“Having first designed Aeolus as a 131m yacht, for The Collection I have transposed her essence and spirit to a length of 80m. Aeolus 80 bears the same hallmark design features of her sister, namely a profound connection with the ocean including 360-degree seascape vistas throughout, an experiential escapism that enhances time onboard both for business and leisure, and an aesthetic born from nature’s lines. An equilibrium between feminine curves and masculine presence is evident, while at the heart of her design is a reference to the romance of the ocean as epitomized by the J Class sailing yachts of the last century.”
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“Having sailed from a young age, as a yacht designer I am inspired by the coastal landscapes and ever-changing moods of the ocean. My instinctive design values are very much driven by a love for purity of form and the harmonies that one often finds in nature. I am inspired by forms that have an energy; a sense of the subtle movements that serve to enhance the soul of an object. Whether the macro proportion of the yacht or her fine detailing on close inspection, I treat the creation of a yacht as a journey.”
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“Taylor Design will curate a yacht’s choices while refining her unique character as she emerges from the chosen sketch, in tune with the vision of the client such that the profoundness of the end result could never have been grasped from the outset. In my career to date, my forte is to understand the mind of the pinnacle luxury customer and to deliver design statements that engage all their senses. In my former role as Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motorcars for over seven years, I have been at the creative start point for design pieces that are never simply a means of moving from A to B.”
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“Whether inside or out, true pinnacle luxury is to be experienced in the craftsmanship of an object. Working with the skilled craftspeople at Oceanco will guarantee a superior level of build quality, yet the Taylor Design team will bring absolute focus on materials, colors and the textures – whether innovative or classical – that will make the design simply shine among her peers. Perhaps our approach is best described by the apt quote from Henry Royce himself: ‘Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing!’”
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