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Tranquility returns to Oceanco for an extensive refit

Oceanco x ONE present Aeolus Aura

Elevating the experience of immersive technology.

A day onboard with Aeolus Aura

Developed by the customer-focused technology experts at ONE, Aeolus Aura adapts and evolves based on your unique needs and preferences, but a day onboard might look something like this…

Wake up to a tailored morning briefing directly displayed on the master suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows, whether you are keeping an eye on the global markets or learning about the day’s excursion ashore. Optimize your health and wellbeing by connecting to real-time health data to tailor your day’s activities and movement plan.

Take the conversation with you, wherever you are onboard, turning a multitude of surfaces and smart glass into your canvas or screen, with one simple swipe. Video calls and meetings join you along your route from the master suite to the elevator and down to the main deck lounge, with uninterrupted visuals and ‘screen’ sharing to make the most of your productive flow state.

Stimulate your mind and enhance your surroundings with generative digital paintings that complement the décor, mood and time of day. Switch off, reflect and decompress in a meditative ‘isolation room’ that is free from wifi, GSM signal and unwelcome distractions. Or tap into the benefits of science-backed acoustics and light programs to promote rest and recuperation, including jet lag prevention and improved mental wellbeing.

As evening draws in, it’s showtime in the owner’s private sanctuary, where the smart-glass windows and ceiling put you trackside or in the VIP box at your favorite sporting events. With state-of-the-art visuals and sound, enjoy a front row seat of the action.

And Aeolus Aura comes with you outside, too. Take your workouts to the next level with a virtual PT, whether training on the water, ashore or in the onboard gym. Explore the underwater world beneath Aeolus by virtually piloting a remotely operated vehicle. At the interactive smart pool on the main deck aft, by day you can track your freestyle performance or watch the kids go head to head on a digital treasure hunt game. While by night, the pool floor becomes a DJ booth and interactive dance floor with synchronized 360-degree light show extending right out to the water.

Aeolus Aura also improves the sustainability profile of the yacht’s climate systems in real time. By predicting guest behavior and preferences, it can fine tune ambient conditions of the guest areas being used while dialing back those that are less active, thereby reducing energy consumption and waste.