Visitor Conditions

General conditions:

  1. The visitor refers to any person entering the Oceanco premises, irrespective of their purpose, following an invitation or to perform work.
  2. During his stay at the Oceanco premises, the visitor will act in accordance with the safety regulations and will follow the instructions of (authorised) personnel, without prejudice to the rules of public order and good manners.

Code of behaviour:

  1. The visitor acknowledges that all intellectual property of the yachts (vessels) on the Oceanco premises belong to Oceanco or its customers and the visitor will respect this.
  2. The visitor declares that he/she will not;
    • make, publish or otherwise reveal or spread any photo or video material (digital or other) without official written permission from Oceanco;
    • make any statements to the press or media regarding the identity, nationality of the customer or their representatives or customers;
    • make or publish any statement to third parties regarding;
    1. The identity, name, nationality of the customer and their representatives and/or customers and
    2. Any information which has been received and of which the confidential nature is or should be known to the visitor.

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Closing statement:

  1. The visitor acknowledges that he/she has read these conditions and accepts their content.
  2. The visitor accepts his or her personal responsibility in the event that he/she fails to comply with these conditions and the visitor will indemnify Oceanco against any claims from third parties in relation to this violation of the obligations of the visitor under these "visitors conditions".
  3. The visitor accepts that Dutch Law is applicable.
  4. These signed visitors conditions will be valid for a maximum of one year.