Oceanco expands

Oceanco actively contributes to the urban renewal of the city of Alblasserdam and expands its existing facility and capabilities acquiring 57,000m2 of new land.

Oceanco located its shipyard facility in the City of Alblasserdam in 1997 and has ever since been a significant contributor to the community always enjoying a strong and collaborative relationship with the City and its residents.

The last few years the City of Alblasserdam and Oceanco have worked together to achieve their respective long term goals. The municipality has a strategic vision of making Alblasserdam the regional center for tourism and recreation and has invested a lot of energy and time in developing remarkable plans for the Haven Zuid development which includes the transformation of large areas around Oceancos facility into hotels, shopping areas and other tourism related activities. Oceanco's vision has been to expand its capacity to include covered dry docks alongside its current location.