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Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit our website. Our website only makes use of functional and analytical cookies. Analytical cookies are anonymised, so we do not actively seek your permission for the placement of these cookies because we cannot identify you personally when you visit our website.

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We use functional cookies to register and remember your preferences as a visitor to our website. This ensures that you don’t have to state your preferences afresh at each visit.

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We use analytical cookies to analyse the use of our website so that we can continue to improve its functionality and effectiveness. The software that we use for this is Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics we can, for instance, measure which pages are visited and which links are clicked. We have concluded a processor agreement with Google in which arrangements have been laid down concerning the handling of the data collected. All data are processed anonymously, and are not shared with third parties or used for any other purpose by Google. Since the cookies have been anonymised, we cannot identify you personally when you visit our website.

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If you don’t want us to place cookies on your device you can refuse the use of cookies through the settings or options in your browser. You will need to adjust the settings of each browser and each device separately.

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Which rules apply to the processing of personal data?

Legislation and regulations exist for the protection of personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect in The Netherlands since 25 May 2018. This law supersedes the Personal Data Protection Act.

What rights do you have?

You always have the right to ask us about the personal data we process. Within a maximum of four weeks you will receive an overview of your personal data as held by us. You can then request that we change incorrect information or supplement your data. You can also inform us if you feel that your personal data should be removed.

Questions and information

If you have any questions about these Privacy & Cookie Regulations or would like to receive more information about your personal data, please contact Oceanco by sending an email to Changes to the Privacy & Cookie Regulations We may make changes to these Privacy & Cookie Regulations, for example, in the event of a change in either legislation or our own policy. We therefore advise you to re-check our Privacy & Cookie Regulations frequently when visiting our website. The latest changes date from 6 September 2018.

Privacy Regulations